There are some pretty bad Christmas songs out there, as I highlighted in a blog last week.  Now I think I may have to add another to the list, the top of the list.  Lady Gaga has a Christmas song and it makes me want to jam a knife into my head.

As many could tell you I am a fan of Gaga's catchy pop music.  Not so much her offstage antics and I try and make that clear, but sh can write a very good pop song.  However she has one that I can't wrap my head around.  It's her new holiday song "Christmas Tree" which may be the worst Christmas song of all time.

It's a pretty high honor, but not only is it very annoying, and poorly written, but it also has nothing to do with Christmas.  Instead it has to do with raunchy sex, which I guess is Gaga's thing so why am I surprised?  I bet there are going to be a bunch of little kids out there humming and singing along with this little diddy.  And why wouldn't they with lyrics like "My Christmas tree is delicious" and "Lets put you on top and fa la la la la".  Shame Gaga.  Stick to what your good at, and that's being a catchy song writing weirdo.  Leave the holiday music to pros like Michael Buble.