Monday is Labor Day; which marks the end of summer for most. While many of us will have the day off work to enjoy friends, family, Bar-B-Que, etc - there are those that will actually to have work and not be able to enjoy the holiday.

According to a new study, 63% of large and 29% of small companies will force their employees to work thanks to that business being opened on Labor Day. In total, 39% of businesses will be opened and having employees working.

Health care, education, government, religious organizations, and social services will require employees to work on Monday. Also included on the given businesses that will be open like grocery stores, large chain marts, gas stations, fast food restaurants, etc.

So if you are one of the fortunate ones that get to enjoy the day off and you encounter a person who is working, go easy on them - they'd rather be somewhere else other than work like you.

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