After the massive success of 'Kony 2012', the short films director Jason Russell did the only thing he knew how to do.  He got completely naked, and had a complete meltdown on the street.

Over the weekend TMZ reported that Jason Russell, the man behind the film 'Invisible Children', and the viral sensation 'Kony 2012' was arrested after having a very public meltdown.  At first it he was thought to have been under the influence of something, and performing a lewd act, but it was learned that he in fact had a mental breakdown.

Since the success of 'Kony 2012', Russell has been under a lot of pressure from both supporters and also critics.  Apparently it all became a bit too much from him to handle.  When last updated, he was being held in a psychiatric ward for observation.

We highly doubt his message will be received with such open mindedness since the incident.  People tend to not take the word of crazy naked people to seriously.