Vinnie Vincent, former Kiss guitar player, was arrested this past weekend after assaulting his wife.

Not a good weekend for Vinnie Vincent, former member of the band Kiss.  He was arrested and charged with aggravated assault as he beat up his wife.  Not cool Vinnie.  They were apparently drinking and then started arguing about a female that Vinnie was talking too.  I guess that didn't sit to well with him because he started to hit her.  He didn't just hit her though, after she tried to get away he would catch her and throw her to the ground and even drug her though a pile of glass.

His wife, Diane, came into the police station covered in blood and smelling of alcohol.  The cops quickly dispatched to bring Vincent in.  When they arrived at their home they found several dead dogs, which the couple claims were killed by one of their other dogs.  Me thinks that things are a bit out of control at the Vincent house hold. He was arrested on Saturday night and released Sunday on $10,000 bond.  He'll appear in court in June, where I hope they throw the book at him.  Hitting women and killing animals is just disgusting.  He deserves whatever is coming to him.

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