It’ll be good to see KOL in this setting to actually have a chance to sort of get to know them. Truthfully, I really enjoy some of their music, but have always had sour taste in my mouth about them as there has always been some sort of arrogant vibe that comes off. I know it’s not just me as I recall seeing the word ‘snotty’ a few times in write ups about them. Hopefully this will give them a chance to clear the air for fans like me and we’ll have a better outlook on them. It’s always a lot easier to appreciate an artist when you find that they’re likable. I also remember reading that they were quite nervous for this performance. So who knows, maybe that bad vibe they sometimes have is sort of a ‘shyness-*sshole’ confusion as Larry David would say. KOL’s Storytellers airs tonight at 11pm on VH-1, and if you like that you can check them out at SPAC on August 20th as part of their summer concert series.