A few days ago, the sad news that Killswitch Engage front man Howard Jones was parting ways with the band was announced, and it definitely sucks, for lack of a better term. Today, Jones released a statement regarding his decision to leave the band after 10 years, and having a reason definitely softens the blow a bit, because often times band members just split with no explanation, which damages not only their band, but also that person. We understand personal issues, but having Jones come forward and talk about it says a lot about his character. Read his position after the jump.

Jones posted the following statement on the band's website:

Well, I guess I will shed a little light without going too deep.

As some of you may know, I've had a pretty interesting couple of years, to say the least, battling with some personal issues. One of the low points being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes that went unchecked for years. The rest of the band stuck with me through it, and, to be honest, they are the ones that kept me going. The whole experience definitely put a scare in me.

Recently we've all been in writing mode, but somehow I couldn't get excited about the new album and all the touring that would go with it. The guys saw it before I did. In hindsight, I now realize that my heart wasn't in it.

I have had an amazing decade with Killswitch Engage. I love Justin, Mike D, Joel and Adam for hanging in there and standing by me no matter how bad it was. I have so many good memories, and those are the ones that I will keep.

Will I be involved in music again? Sure. I have been in bands for a little over half my life; can't stop now. Until then, get the new Killswitch Engage album; it's going to be good.

Thanks, everyone, for letting me try to entertain you, and I wish myself well in my future endeavors.

Gone fishin', Howard.

Well, if your hearts not in it, then give it up. It sounds like Jones made the right decision for him and the band as a whole. I would never do something that important if my heart wasn't completely in it, so

There is not yet any word as to who will take over for Jones, but the band is set to continue without him. Phil Labonte, vocalist for one of my favorite bands, All That Remains, has filled in for Jones in the past, but neither band has mentioned anything. As long as he doesn't leave ATR then he would be an awesome addition to the band, but we'll see what happens. Being in two very big and popular bands could get messy, but Phil could handle it.

I'm glad I got to see KSE a couple of times before Jone's departure, and I wish him all the luck in the future of his musical endeavors.

What do you think of his statement?