It's been about a month since Massachusetts quintet (current quartet) Killswitch Engage announced that long time vocalist Howard Jones would be leaving the band, and so far they have been hush hush about a replacement. However, former front man Jesse Leach hinted that he might be reuniting with the band after a decade apart.

Although Leach hasn't been a member of KSE for many years, he has kept in touch and even started a side project of his own called Times of Grace with guitarists Adam Dutkiewicz and Joel Stroeltzel. Their debut album released last January, and most of 2011 was spent touring.

In a recent interview, Leach discussed his past with KSE and slightly hinted at a possible future:

I'm not going to comment. Everyone wants to know… I'd rather those guys go through what they've got to go through and whenever they make that decision… They're good friends of mine, so I'm respecting their space at the moment. It's more fun, more mystery, too; you don't have to know everything. These days everybody is on Facebook and tweeting everything that happens. What's happened to the mystery of music and not knowing everything?

He added, My viewpoint is to respectfully step back from the situation and support them. Whatever decision they make will be the right one for them and I look forward to what it is.

Leach can be heard on KSE albums Killswitch Engage (2000) and Alive or Just Breathing (2002).

Do you want Leach to rejoin the band?