Ok we all Love, I mean love Johnny Depp. He has a new movie coming out this Friday called Dark Shadows that looks hilarious. He also played the guitar for Marylin Manson on The Golden God Awards this past month, is there anything he cant do?  So what better time another than now for Johnny Depp to be my Crush Of the Night.

Johnny's full name is John Christopher Depp 11. He was born on June 9th 1963. He's from Owensboro, Kentucky. He has two children and boy and a girl. He has had his share of women as well, but if your Johnny Depp then you should. In the 2012 Guinness Book Of World Records he was listed as the highest paid actor. Johnny Depp also has somewheres around 13 tattoos, not bad! I also love it when he works with Tim Burton like Edward Scissorhands is like my favorite and now I'm excited for His new movie Dark Shadows heres the trailer.