I guess Bart Scott "Can't Wait" to make some money off his now infamous phrase.

After the Jets beat the New England patriots to reach the AFC championship game they were pretty amped up.  Everyone had picked against them so naturally they wanted to make a point.  Not one more point was made more than the fact that Bart Scott couldn't wait to head into Pittsburgh to face the Steelers.  After he said it, it blew up like crazy.  So Scott has decided to trademark the phrase.  He may be a little late to the party though.

The Jets didn't win the AFC championship, coming up short of the Super Bowl again.  Now they "Can't Wait" for the 2011 season to begin, if it begins.  Scott has decided to corner the market and trademark "Can't Wait because according to him, if anyone should be benefiting from the phrase it should be him.  The problem is, it is a common phrase.  Unless it ends up on some officially licensed NFL merchandise with NY Jet's logos on it, he will be making nothing.  The fact is the phrase is so common Scott would have trouble with any kind of copy right law suit because anyone can put it on a shirt because it may not apply to his phrase.  It was a nice try though Bart, A for effort.