Yes it is true - a man name Jesus was arrested by Albany police and charged with DWI in a backhoe. It wasn't even like he was on a backstreet either - it was right down the main drag on Central Ave. 

From the Albany police department press release:

Albany police arrested a 44 year old Troy man last night for operating a backhoe on Central Avenue while he was intoxicated. On February 1, 2013 at approximately 8:30 p.m., Officer Michael Romano Jr. observed a large yellow backhoe traveling eastbound on the 400 block of Central Avenue that was violating several vehicle and traffic laws.


The officer who witnesses the situation made a stop and discovered that the operator, Jesus Ofarril from Troy NY was intoxicated. Ofarril’s blood alcohol content was 0.18%.

These are the sort of things you don't hear about in Sunday school. His penance for this sin will certainly be more ten Hail Mary's.