Billy Crystal said it best when introducing this pair of ladies at the 2012 Oscars.  A recurring dream of every man in the world, not just Billy.  Cam and J-Lo showed off some of their best stuff while presenting awards.

Apparently Jennifer Lopez had a 'Nip-Slip', but I'm not quite sure about that.  I looked back at the video, and pictures and I just don't see it.  However, despite not seeing any of Jlo's boob, we did get to see her wear yet another cleavage-exposing dress that hugged all those glorious curves just the right way.

The only thing that made Jennifer Lopez hotter was the fact that she was joined on stage by Cameron Diaz, who was also stunning.  They even both decided to turn around and compare their butts after they announced the nominees in their presenting category, which we forgot because of the distraction of ass-topia.

You decide if the nip slip occurred.