Five Finger Death Punch is one of my favorite bands. I've seen them live and they ROCK!! I also am in love with his microphone stand!! So it's only right that the singer from Five Finger Death Punch Ivan Moody, is my crush of the night. I really don't know much about him besedes his music, so lets get to know together.

 His real name is Ivan L. Moody, I couldn't find out what the L. stands for so maybe one of ladies could help me out with that. Also his name isn't Ghost it's just a nick name. He was born in Denver, Colorado on January 7th 1980. He has been several bands before finding his fit in FFDP. He is also going to be in a movie this year playing the hobo clown in film The Devil's Carnival. He and the rest of Five Finger Death Punch do a lot for the troops which earns a lot of respect from me as well as a lot of people I know! Now lets enjoy a oldie but a goodie!