I am inventing a new holiday. It is Howard Cossell's birthday and for some reason this is the only safe image I could find. I know that this is not the real Howard Cossell, but the image helps my campaign, that will last a day. 


I will not be surprised if some of you have no idea who Howard Cossell is or how to talk like him, so I have included the following videos to help you learn how to talk like Howard Cossell. If you know who Howard Cossell is then watch the videos to brush up on your Howard Cossell impression.

Now that you know how to talk like Howard Cossell, do it!

Just Cossell It!

Order a pizza like Cossell.

Greet your coworkers like Cossell.

Flirt with someone like Cossell.

Announce that you have to use the restroom like Cossell.

It's fun for everyone!