The annual Groundhog’s day celebration in Washington D.C. is approaching and they plan on having a guest of honor. Aaron DeNu is determined to have the man himself Bill Murray attend this year’s party.

“DeNu launched D.C.'s now-annual tribute to the soothsaying animal two years ago. He's hoping this year's event will entice Murray, who starred in the classic, and profound, "Groundhog Day," to attend.

"I think one in 100," he tells HuffPost, putting the odds that high because Murray is out promoting a new film -- "The Monuments Men" -- for which he's been undertaking some unorthodox publicity stunts, and because an exhibition relating to the movie will be opening at the Smithsonian on Feb. 7, a mere five days after the big day itself.” –HP


This dude does not have a chance in hell getting Murray to come hang out. Bill Murray seems like literally the coolest guy on the planet but there is no way he is showing up to this festival. If I couldn’t get bill Murray to show up to my back yard BBQ with a giant trampoline and inflatable water slide then this guy hasn’t a shot.