Don't let the snow blow your smile away, because today is Dr. Seuss day! On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show  they are making fun of stuff, but they don't update their web site soon enough. So I have no links for you, but it's ok, because today is Dr. Seuss Day!


You should talk like this all day long, even where it does not belong. If you have never tried green eggs and ham, today is your day so grab a pan!

Dr. Seuss was born today in 1904, they had no wireless internet or even cords. Does cord rhyme with 1904 or am I really stretching this one because I am a dork. That does not rhyme with 1904, but it's ok, because it's Dr. Seuss Day!

I did not think that the SNL ISIS skit was very funny,  I hope that they lose sponsors and money. I mean, can't you imagine the meeting they had, sitting around because someone knew their dads. They wanted to do something with the star from 50 Shades of Grey they could not think of anything, then they all looked at each other and said "What about ISIS? Hooray!"

Method Man also has a birthday today, I think he should of played The Cat in the Hat because Michael Myers has not been funny for decades. It's the Canadian influence.

Jimmy Kimmel called out the Anti-Vaxxers, interesting factor, Jenny McCarthy got her start in hardcore porn. She should know a thing or two about vaccines.

The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show want to know if your breakfast Warren Buffet's, are you eating like a rich man or a poor little puppet? Warren Buffet kind of looks like Captain Crunch, I wonder if he dresses up like him for fun. I would.

I do not care if my rhymes are dumb, because it's Dr. Seuss Day, the point is to have fun!