Naked woman covered in mouse pointers with instructions on screen reading 'Do Not Touch Model'. Ever see anything like that? It's funny, cause most people watching along are scurrying from side to side trying to uncover this naked woman. Confused?

Netherlands based folk/pop/indie band Light Light has created a pretty neat 'Interactive Music Video' for their new song Kilo. Here's the deal:

  • Follow on screen instructions
  • Move mouse pointer with video along with thousands of others at the same time
  • Refresh after a few minutes to see your movements along with god knows how many more people.

It's actually kind of cool to sit back and watch random strangers try and navigate this 'trippy' green zone. Screenshot


Peeps from all over the planet trying to make a smiley face? It happened, eventually.. Screenshot


Each video will never be the same. Pretty neat! Screenshot

I think we all can admit that this is pretty damn creative? At the very least- It kills about 3.25 minutes of your day. The song isn't that bad either. All in all- why the hell not?