For the most part, ladies are modest when it comes to bodily functions. I know my girlfriend hates to let one rip in front of me, she claims it's not "very lady-like." Well, for whatever the reason I kind of appreciate it because I think I openly pass enough for the two of us (LOL).

Be glad you don't live in the Indonesian Province of Aceh, who has placed a ban that does not allow female citizens from passing gas. The city's major, Sayyid Yahia, claims that passing gas is against the Islamic values of modesty.

How do you enforce such a rule? Women in a public place will be monitored while at home it is up to the husband to keep an open nose. Any offender will be sentenced and could receive up to 20 lashes for small farts and 3 months in prison for larger ones.

Thankfully, someone is standing up against the law. The Indonesian Feminists Association told local media they will attempt to block the smelly law as they deem it discriminatory.

Insane to think that farting could get you in jail. I'm glad we will live in a country where you are allowed to release the pent up gases from inside. Granted, they may be silent but deadly and even smell like rotten eggs or garbage - but it's a basic human, even animal, function of the body.

Now in honor of farting freely: here's a great prank video of a guy "farting on people at the happiest place on earth."