I am in the demographic of people who developed crushes on certain members of the US Women's soccer team during the world cup.  Those members happen to be Alex Morgan and Hope Solo, but there are still people out there who don't see it!  Well look now!

As most of you know I am currently in love with Alex Morgan of the US Women's soccer team.  Now before my fiance reads this and wants to punch me, it's not real, but yet another example of a celebrity crush and as I've touched on before they are unrealistic and okay for both men and women.

I think that both her and US goalie Hope Solo are way pretty and they proved it once again by showing up at the premiere of HBO's Entourage looking incredibly gorgeous.  Now a certain DJ on our sports sister station who will remain nameless, does not think that these ladies are hot and I guess it's based on their voices.  That's insane!  They are incredibly gorgeous and I can't believe that anyone wouldn't think they were anything but.

I thought they looked good in their soccer uniforms, but now, wow!  Talk about some pretty girls.  Female athletes sometimes get a bad rep for not looking so good, but these girls do not fit that bill.  I find that girls who play soccer are usually pretty hot.  It's probably because soccer is more of a suburban America sport where pretty rich girls reign supreme.  Either way, if you aren't a firm believer that these two girls are gorgeous than I think you might have problems.  Verdict, HOT!