Let me get this straight, they are young good looking girls with sexy accents who refuse to wear clothes? I believe I've just decided to go back to school and the only university that offers my program of interest is in Budapest, Hungary.

“Students and a professor at a university in southern Hungary took off their clothes in class to protest the new dress code introduced by the institution’s president.

Thursday’s protest by around 10 male and female students and their speech instructor at the University of Kaposvar’s arts school was prompted by rules announced this week including a ban on dresses showing too much cleavage, miniskirts, excessive makeup and flip-flops.” –Wash Post

Stop it right there, no flip flops? This sounds more like Nazi Germany than it does Budapest. I love being naked as much as the next Hungarian but I might be able to follow some of these rules. Keep the who-hahs covered up, check. Don’t paint your face like a clown, check. But no flip flops? That’s where I draw the line University of Kaposvar! My wittle tootsies have got to breathe! Plus who has time for laces each morning?