Jeans are definitely the one pair of cloths that can wear over and over without having to toss them into the laundry right away.  So how long do you go before you do toss them in the wash and what exactly could be lurking on them in the mean time?

I am guilty of wearing my jeans for a pretty long period of time, but never have they ever gotten to the point where there is a funk coming from them.  I think it's pretty common for people to only wash their jeans periodically.  This it most likely because people only have a couple pairs of pants and some people can't wash cloths every day.

A student in Alberta wore his jeans almost everyday for 15 months to test and see what would happen to them.  He would spill on them, get them dirty and never wash them.  Him and his professor took them and tested them after 15 months to see the bacteria on the jeans and found the same amount of bacteria on them as on a pair of jeans only worn for a couple of days.  That's pretty amazing.  I would have assumed at least a little bit more.  They attribute the low amount of bacteria to how important underwear is.  I wonder the out come if he had gone commando?  The thought of that is pretty disgusting.  If you want to check out the complete article on his experiment go here.

I would say if you wear your jeans for more than 2 weeks it's time to throw them into the wash.  The musty smell alone would be enough to provoke that.  In all, not washing your jeans won't trigger the Ebola virus or anything, but it my prompt your friends, co-workers even strangers to scrunch up their nose and wonder who smells like hot garbage.