We as a society have become so attached to our phones that people actually text each other while sit next to one another, holding full conversations. Between text, email, tweets, status updates, apps, and the billion other distractions on the device; makes you wonder just how often we actually check our phones.

Science has the answer!

Would you believe that young adults actually check their phones once every 10 minutes? You better because a new study says people ages 18-24 check their phone every 9 minutes 50 seconds, while their 25-34 counterparts check it every 9 minutes 55 seconds.

The time lapse grows a bit once you reach the 35-44 age bracket, 21 minutes. Those in the 45-54 range check their phone every 36 minutes and it's 90 minutes for ages 55-64.

The study was conducted in England using 2,000 participants.

The study was conduct using 2,000 participants


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