It wouldn't be the holiday season setting in for your Q103 Rock Girl without travelling for a music-related event, and this post Thanksgiving period of mine has so aptly evolved to be called "Rocksgiving."  I credit the name "Rocksgiving" to a station co-worker of mine, after I was explaining to her that each year I have spent my post-Thanksgiving weekend visiting my fiance to say hi while he's out on the road touring for work.  It's not easy to spend months at a time separated from loved ones, and I'm so grateful each time I get a chance to see him at a local venue during a tour stretch.  My fiance has worked with multiple different rock bands as a tour manager, a tech, and a performer, and tends to spend this time of year touring the United States.  But for some reason it just so happens that despite what band he is with, they wind up in the New Jersey-New York area right about now.  As a result, stemming from the now annual-trek to visit my fiance on the road, "Rocksgiving" was born.  A most-splendid time of year full of rock music, giving thanks, seeing loved ones, and more rock music!!

I will definitely say that I get to reap the benefit of marrying into the music scene by getting to crash a tour bus or hang out backstage to watch a concert when I visit my guy.  However, I've never been the type of person to just be a fan.  I find it hard to stand by and just watch, and having worked in music production since I was a teenager, I often find myself wanting to jump into work, doing anything from crowd control to loading out gear.   Last year I found myself helping lug huge gear cases through hundreds of people in New York City after a show.  This year I found myself buying cold-and-flu supplies for sick musicians on the road.  I never shy away from a chance to help out, and while tour buses can be pretty nice and decked out inside, you still don't have all the luxuries of home [or even the ability to make a quick pharmacy run for cough drops].

I found myself even more in the spirit of the rock holiday this year, and while everyone else at my house was decorating the Christmas tree, I took the road less traveled and for the first time ever set up my own "Rocksgiving" decor- a drum tree!  Wanting to do something music-oriented, I took apart my sturdy Pearl Session Series drum kit and stacked them up to make my own holiday 'tree,' complete with a snare drum ornament on the very top.  If this Rock Girl is going to get in the holiday spirit, it's definitely going to be in a music oriented way!

What kind of fun holiday music traditions do all of you readers out there have?  Any fun musical instrument ornament ideas, awesome concert adventures, or other music-themed holiday things that you do? Comment and let me know!!