I'm assuming you're familiar with our afternoon Party Peacock, Duuuuuh Duuuuh Dalton CASTLE!!!!!! Yeah, he's a pro wrastler and I need to say: He's f------ good at it too! Dalton is always running around the building talking about wrestling and his ability to be the funniest dude around. One thing though- Before he got his start I sincerely think this is how he spent his days as a youngin.

I don't know about you but: I owned one of these pro wrestling toy rings as a kid and YOU KNOW Dalton did as well.

As you sit at work, home or wherever you are, make sure you tune into Mr. Castle weekdays from 2p-7p and make sure you check out this vid, of what was, Dalton as a kid.

'Swagggger Bomb!!!!'