If you love giant floating things that do pretty much nothing but float then Saratoga is the place for you to be this weekend. It’s the Saratoga Balloon and Crafts Festival. It’s the only festival in New York where you can legally get super high (rim shot)!

I’ve never been a huge fan of hot air balloons. Hot air balloons are just colorful loiters of the sky. The science behind them is fun and I think it’s neat someone can take flight simply by fluctuating the temperature of the air inside a giant pillow case. However, once you go up in the balloon then what do you do? Being in a hot air balloon means you are at the mercy of the wind. Sounds like free spirited seaweed loving hippie stuff to me. If I’m going to be soaring thousands of feet in the air it’s going to be by either shot out of a cannon or rocking one of those sweet flying squirrel suits... Wait, what if I jump out of a hot air balloon in one of those flying suits?

Never mind, I have changed my stance. I now love big giant balloons and can’t wait to go this weekend!