We have steak, lamb, and pork but apparently the regular meat options are no longer a viable source of nutrition.  Soon horses could be slaughtered in the US for the sale of their meat.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Congress has lifted a ban that prevents the slaughtering of horses.  That means that you could soon be seeing horse on the menu at your favorite restaurant.  The argument for the slaughter of horses by farmers is that they can now find a use for older horses that have been abandoned or neglected.  Oh that's nice, "come here horse" as they get walked into a slaughter house.

Apparently there isn't much of a demand for horse meat here in the US (wow really) but over seas the meat is considered a delicacy.  Plus there is a ban in place that some how prevents the shipping of horse meat across state lines, so it looks like overseas is the only option for the horse burger.

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