If you have ever been to Hooters you can easily figure out what they are specifically known for, WINGS! DUH!. Now due to a decline in sales over the past few years, Hooters is planning to change a few things up. Since the rise of competitors like Twin Peaks and the Tilted Kilt, Hooters’ the long time dominating restaurant featuring wings, beer, and shapely women, has had a decline in sales . By last year the number of outlets had dipped from 400 to 365 and revenue had fallen from $960 million to $858 million.

So Hooters will spend the next several years trying to update its brand. It started by changing its tagline to “Feed the dream.” It unveiled a revamped menu that includes salads, burgers and an “expanded line” of chicken wings. And it plans to remodel about 25 stores each year. But the biggest challenge may be holding onto the customers Hooters already has while trying to draw in a younger and more female demographic.

What do you think? Should Hooters keep the heavily male oriented ways they have now, or lean more towards a younger female demographic?