If beer is your thing, next year you can literally get a four-year degree to learn to brew it yourself!

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How cool is this! I know that there are a lot of us Q folks that enjoy us a frosty cold brew from time to time. Some of us even experiment with a little bit of home brewing. Not me though. I don't have that kind of patience.

Well, if beer and making beer is something that you are into, you will soon be able to get a formal education that will allow you to earn a bachelors degree in fermentation at SUNY Colbelskill!

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Finally colleges offering education in things you may actually be interested and enjoy! The Q intern Cody who currently attends SUNY Colbelskill definitely approves. It's not just beer either the fermentation degree also covers wine, cheese, and yogurt. According to WNYT:

Fermentation processes are also used in biodegradable food packaging, nylon, pharmaceuticals and alternative fuels.

So there is really a lot to be learned in the new program. I'm seriously contemplating going back to school just to check it out because it looks like it could be really cool and FUN! The program is scheduled to start in the fall of 2017 so if your interested now would be the time to start making plans!

Apparently there are only a few other schools in the country that offer a four-year program like this one, Oregon State, Colorado State, and Appalachian State in North Carolina.

Obviously none of those are anywhere near us so it's pretty awesome to have this option so close to home!