Blower from Hinder stopped by for an interview yesterday at Rock on the Range. The last time I spoke with them was during one of the bad snow storms during the winter when they were schedule to perform at Northern Lights. I was actually snowed in at the radio station with Hinder for the day, I had a ball talking to the band about random things before their show.

Since Blower shared his infamous tattoo on his manhood while he was at the studio at couple months ago, I asked him if he had any new scandalous tattoos. He said that scandalous tat was "7 minutes of hell," and I'm sure those seven minutes felt like 7 hours. To my surprise he didn't, but he said his bandmates are constantly trying to get him to do crazy stuff. Peer pressure at it's best. He mentioned Aaron Lewis of Staind was considering a new tattoo while he was he was in town for Rock on the Range, but he didn't say where it would be and what it was.

Since Mother Nature has been a pain these last couple months, the guys of Hinder had to cancel some shows, and they've had very rainy shows these last couple weeks. Thankfully, this weekend has been clear and beautiful and the guys were able perform  an amazing show yesterday on main Monster stage. They definitely now how to rock hard, I cannot wait for them to come back to Albany, NY.