That’s a very unique looking cake on that boys face. I sure hope this is the part where he blows out the candles.

WNYT is reporting that a birthday party thrown for a 16 year old in a South Glens Falls bowling alley full of 15 and 16 year old boys and girls included strippers. And according to this story the police are investigating if a parent was involved in the organizing.

Police are investigating? Really? What are they trying to determine, if this kid had an awesome birthday party or not? Look, I’m not saying it’s totally cool to buy your child a bunch of tattered, sticky strippers but let’s not get carried away and call this child endangerment.

These are 16 year olds we are talking about and from the pictures it appears all the strippers sweet spots are covered up. It’s not like this kids parents bought a dozen Atlantic City hookers and said “go nuts Johnny, get your first STD!" Nothing these kids saw that night won’t be in their face their first year of college. The only real crime here is this poor birthday boy is going to have a tough time picking up normal high school girls now that his face is covered in stripper snail trail.