You heard correct, today is National Donut Day which means most donut shops will be giving you a free donut today!

National Donut day has been going on for some time now and today is the day!  It's the first Friday in June every year and originally started as a fundraiser to benefit the Salvation Army in 1938 and also as a tribute to the women who served men donuts during World War I.

In some areas it is still a fundraiser for the Salvation Army but in most places it almost like a customer appreciation to just say thank you.  I know that in some spots you can just grab a free donut and at Dunkin Donuts you get a free donut when you buy a drink.  Not a bad deal since I see most people walking around with one of those Dunkin Donuts coffee cups almost 7 days a week.  Who can blame them, it's delicious.  Must be why America runs on it.

So make sure to take full advantage today!  Go get yourself a donut and celebrate this holiday?  I guess it's a holiday.  At any rate, go enjoy it because it only comes once a year!