If there is anyone in the Capital District qualified to write this, I feel that it's me. I have been an Alice fan for a VERY long time. Alice, or Vince, turns 68 today!! His first Cooper release was 1969s "Pretties for You" and he hasn't slowed down since. In 2015, he toured with Motley Crue and did some of his own dates, for a grand total of 103 shows!! Not bad!!

Now, lets put that in perspective. Here's a list of things younger than Alice:

- The first Volkswagon Bug arrived in the United States in 1949

- The 45" record invented in 1949

- Disneyland - 1955

- McDonalds

- The Guinness Book of World Records

I kid because I can and even though age has caught up with many rockers lately, Alice keeps rolling. If you've never had the privilege of seeing him live, you need to put it on your bucket list. An amazing show that has influenced so many and a man whom every artist I've talked to describe as a true gentleman. Happy Birthday Alice!!! Keep being 18!!!

This is from Alice at the Palace 2011.....