Who hasn't wanted to destroy a car before? Either it was watching old MJ in the "black or white" video or the bonus round in street fighter, bashing cars was just cool. Check out this real life Ryu from street fighter just taking it this Volkswagen. This car never stood a chance. This VW was just sitting here minding it's own business when Rye 3000 snuck up and rocked its VW world.

On The REAL REAL: I wanted to love this video in the worst way. I love street fighter and I love breaking stuff. However, this video just seems sad. Had this been a video of some one filming this dude I might like it a little more. This is some karate man alone in his garage with a few cameras on a tripod. Brilliant idea for a youtube video but sad to watch in real life. All this video needed was 1 friend to be present!