And so, after 25 or so years, my geek dream is coming to life! A new TRON movie. Ever since I saw the first and was gobsmacked by the effects, I have dreamed of the day I could see the next chapter. And now, the house that the mouse built is making it come true.

The real kicker of this is the effects that are being used in the movie. They not only have they made new CG vehicles and sets, but De-Aged Jeff Bridges. Kinda like what was done to Brad Pitt in Benjamin Button, but the techniques used were a little more sophisticated. So like Benjamin Button v2.0.

The only thing that kind of makes me wary of the movie's success, is that since it's been so long since the first movie, new comers they may not be able to follow the plot without having seen the first. And if you haven't seen the first in a long time, you may want to give it a look to refresh your memory. The catch being, if you don't have it on DVD, it's hard to find right now. Plus, from what I have read, the original is now not available on Netflix. Its gone from the catalog. So I have to wonder if this is something that Disney is doing to drum up more business for the movie and DVD/Blue-ray release in the future. Maybe a box set with both movies in BR and DVD formats. Being the geek I am, I would buy it.

And I recommend going to see this movie if you love a good "Effects" movie. But if you're just a TRON fan from the original, strap in and hang on for a fun ride!

TRON: Legacy will be release December 17th, 2010.