What started as an April fools joke, is now a reality. Torani originally joked about making the flavor and the masses turned out asking for it. Now we have "Chicken 'n Waffle" flavored syrup. Good idea or just another horrible flavor?

If you thinks that gross, Eddy's Ice Cream years ago had a "pickle" flavored ice cream in the testing stages geared towards pregnant women. Thankfully, it never made it out of testing and on to the market. How about Turkey flavor soda? Yep - it's out there.

Back to syrup though.

A bottle of the syrup is going for $6.95 (not too bad). If you buy a six pack, the bottles each break down to costing $5.95 each. Christmas present idea anyone?

The product description from the Torani website states: "Flavor aficionados will appreciate this innovative sweet and savoury syrup that captures the essence of crispy fried chicken and buttermilk waffles, topped with a sweet maple finish. Try it drizzled on buttered biscuits or cornbread or in bourbon cocktails for a delicious treat."

Would you try it?