Last night, Monte was hosting the Coors Light Rule the Night Party and thought: How the hell do I score my very own ice hair!?  The Coors Light girls brought a chair made of ice to the event - sounds lame, right?  Wrong!  All this thing did was attract beautiful woman for photo ops, check the pics!

 Saturday nights in July, we'll be hosting the Rule The Night parties with Coors Light, where you can grab some cold ones at the likes of Bootleggers, Clintons Ditch and Juniors.  Last night, Monte was at one of the parities and I saw first hand what the ice chair was all about - and I pondered: How in the hell do I get one of thse for my own personal use!?

The chair is amazing - a big, cold block of ice.  All it did all night was attract some of the prettiest ladies to sit atop the chair for a photo op.  Every time I looked at the chair, I had to put my tongue back in my mouth.  Goodness.  I tried to figure out a way to get that damn thing into the Q truck and bring it back home, it's a chick magnet!  Check out the pics I took and tell me you can't wait to hit up the next Rule the Night party!