Each year, I work at a summer camp for kids with cancer

Summer camp is about 3 things, giving your parents some alone time, trying to kiss someone from the opposite sex and experimenting with your camp counselor after lights out. Unfortunately Berkshires sleep-away camp in Massachusetts didn’t get the memo on this one.

“The 15-year-old was labeled a “security threat” by Camp Emerson director Sue Lein — who called Hinsdale, Mass., police on July 11 to escort the young woman to her parents, who were waiting for her at the gate”…

“She kicked me out of camp because of a simple kiss the day before my birthday,” the girl said. “ – NYPost

Sure, it was “just” a kiss. That’s where it all starts my friend.  First you’re smooching boys by the old duck pond. Next you’ll be making friendship bracelets out of boondoggle and later fashioning love pipe bombs out of acorns and peanut butter pine cones in the name of Allah! I've seen this type of case 1,000 times before.

The camp director called the little girl a “slut,” “loose,” and a “tramp,” and accused her of taking her bra off during the “innocent kiss,” according to the court papers.” –NYPost

This camp director is a smart individual. But she left out “terrorist” in her list of names to call this dangers hussy. I’m just thankful that this camp was able to see through this teen’s “Innocent” kiss and into her master evil plan.