They've come to eat our children! At the very least, these vultures have come to scavenger on the free meat that is being presented to them on the streets of Guilderland, NY.

Normally you find these kinds of vultures hanging out on hillsides or circling high in the sky above an open field. They look for dead ratting animals that they can feast on. Good news for these birds: they don’t have to work so hard for a meal when they visit the neighborhood of Willey Street in Guilderland. That’s because Patricia House is openly feeding these creepy flesh-eaters of the sky.

"The only thing they want is dead, raw meat," - Patricia House, TU

And what can be better than a suburban neighborhood full of giant birds from any scary movie? A neighborhood with vultures and wads of raw meat everywhere! Thanks to Ms. House, the streets of Guilderland will now look like Halloween all year long! Hooray!