I’m all for respecting women, but ladies, do these vaginas need to be so giant? Yikes, it’s like looking at the bottom of a deli slicer.

After watching this video I’m not exactly certain what these chicks are protesting. I’m assuming it’s a right to birth control and abortions and all that jazz. But the only thing I am gathering from this is these babes want the right to own a larger than life vagina that also can double as a sleeping bag. You got the attention, but you may actually get people to listen to you if you tighten up them there Va Jay Jays a little more. Nobody wants to listen to a sloppy bologna flap vagina. Keep it clean, keep it trimmed, and keep it thin girls and that’s how you get the people to listen.

P.S. the women of Phoenix should head to Tampa and join to good fight.