For their 2011 North American Tour Linkin Park is giving back by making each of their concerts available as a live digital recording.  So you can get a copy of the concert you attend just by texting the code corresponding to your show!

As a fellow concert goer sometimes you leave and think to yourself, man I wish they recorded that for a live album. Well Linkin Park has decided to make that possible for you in 2011.

Every show they play on their North American tour will be available to the audience.  At every show their will be a text message code that you can send, and then Base Camp Productions (the company making this all possible) will email you a download code a few days later.  You'll be able to take that Linkin Park concert home with you, and that is pretty cool.

Linkin Park did this back in 2007, but not to the same extent.  You'll have to be at the show in order to get the download and as a music junky this is a cool way to have a very unique live performance in your collection.  Base Camp Production are the leading innovators in bootleg technology.  The guys at Base Camp said that they want to make sure that Linkin Parks biggest fans can capture the experience and take it with them forever.  What makes this bootleg different than others is the quality.  Each performance is recorded and then professionally mixed, so your assured a great piece of audio.

Make sure your listening to Q103 because we want to send you to see Linkin Park at Madison Square Garden in February.  Keep checking the website for details and keep Q103 loud for your chance to see Linkin Park at one of their first performances in 2011!