The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show will be broadcasting live in Albany tomorrow from 6am to 10am at Clubhouse Race Book and Legend's Field Restaurant & Pub. Free Beer & Hot Wings will also be appearing at O'Toole's on Central Ave, from 4-6pm. 


Remember there will be no actual 'Free Beer' and 'Hot Wings' however there will be 'Free Beer' and 'Hot Wings' if you show up expecting free food and drinks then you are only cheating yourself.

The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show is a syndicated show, so Albany, NY will be syndicated with them across America. Whenever the WWE comes to town, I remind everyone in the Capital Region that Albany will be being broadcast all over the world and no one does anything to make Albany, NY stand out.

Where is our home town pride?

Does the Capital Region have stage fright?

Do we not want people to know that this is Albany?

If you are going to see Free Beer & Hot Wings tomorrow, do the Capital Region a favor and stand out.

Let's be the loudest, craziest, coolest audience there ever was!

You don't want people from Ohio or Minnesota thinking that they are better then us?

Do you?

I am not suggesting that we be rude and obnoxious, because Albany, NY is considered to be one of the 'Meanest' Cities in America.

I am suggesting that we show Free Beer & Hot Wings how much fun we are!

For America....