Tomorrow the Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show will be live from Saratoga, New York! Here are a few tips for those of you, who will be in attendance.


1. Don't Ask Zane about his family.

He will tell you anyway.

2. Don't distract Hot Wings with anything having to do with cars.

Because he has a show to do, a plane to catch, a trivia game to screw up, or he should be thinking about telling us about what he thinks.

3. Don't ask anyone but Free Beer about sports.

Even if you try to ask any other member of the show about sports, Free Beer will answer.

4. Keep your conversations with the guys short and sweet.

These are very busy important men with important things to do, like make fun of you. Zane has to think about his RV, Free Beer has to think about how he would rather be doing a sports broadcast, Hot Wings needs to think about what's in his wallet and Joe..... Well you can talk to Joe, I don't think he has anything better to do.

5. There is NO actual FREE BEER OR HOT WINGS!

That s why it is called The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show, you can try to drink Free Beer and eat Hot Wings, but then they will not come back to the Capital Region.

6. Zane is not a Jockey.

He just looks like one.

7. Listen to Free Beer very closely when he talks.

Sometimes Free Beer likes to speak in his own language that he makes up when he is pooping in a field, squirrels understand him.

8. Don't feed Joe.

He has had enough.