Summer is coming... ROAD TRIP!

Summer is almost officially here (although you wouldn't know by the temperature outside right now) which means it's time for summer vacations and more importantly time for a ROAD TRIP!

Generally on rad trips you spend an extensive amount of time crammed in a car that is usually full of other people. Sometimes its family sometimes it's friends occasionally it even includes a pet or two. It's pretty close quarters in a car full of people since you will no doubtedly be spending a pretty significant amount of time in those close quarters there are some rules of the car that should be followed at all times. Often people don't speak up about the rules in the car so Vinnie and I thought we'd help you out a bit in episode number five of Free Advice Friday you can check it out below!

I sincerely hope that you never have to spend an extended amount of time in a vehicle with Vinnie... that was rank!