At yesterday's Tresspass America Tour I sat down and chatted with Frankie Palmeri, vocalist of Emmure. He was post-show and looked pretty tired but still gave me his time. We discussed the tour, his love of comic books and the music scene in his hometown. Check it all out below.

I opened up the interview by asking Frankie about the tour and what the best moment has been while on it. He couldn't name just one moment, as he said "every night is fun." I asked if the band had ever run into any crazed fans, to which he replied that there were no crazy fans, just "amazing fans."

When asked what he and the band did in order to stay sane while traveling on tour buses, he replied with a laugh and said "nothing- get more insane." However, he does try to stay occupied in a "world of distractions" by playing video games and anything that will pass the time. "All you have is time to kill," he said.

Frankie has a love for comic books and comic book characters and he sometimes even ties them into the band's music. He especially enjoys Marvel Comics and his all time favorite character is Thanos, who represents extreme power, intelligence and strength. He also worships death. He stated that he hopes Marvel will continue to do stories because they are unique and enjoyable. I asked Frankie what power he would want, which he simply replied "mind control."

The conversation than transitioned to the band's current hometown of New York City. I have never been there so I asked him what the music scene was like. He claimed that it was a "melting pot" of genres and how easy it is to be able to "branch out" and explore other types of music. He stated that he "felt very lucky" to be living in the City for that very reason. It's apparent through their music that they like to experiment with different genres, as their songs can sometimes incorporate rapping.

One thing you might not have known is that the word "emmure" stems from "immurement," a form of execution in which a person is walled within a building and left to die of starvation and dehydration. I asked Frankie how he would want someone, or even himself executed and he said he couldn't elaborate much on the question but that the worst thing is to keep someone alive who deserves otherwise.

I unfortunately missed their performance but hopefully I will be able to see them live another time.