It’s only a matter of time when this boys DNA is genetically altered and he rises to fight evil as FOX MAN! Honestly that is the only way I can see this story playing out. The TU is reporting that a 9 year old boy in Saratoga was bitten several times by a fox. The boy has since been avenged by his father when he killed said fox. The child is now being tested for rabies.

One of two things is going to happen here. Either we get a 9 year old crazy child with rabies running through our streets. Or the more likely situation is we celebrate the birth of a new super hero, Fox Man! Using his super powers of irresistible adorableness Fox Man prances through the streets distracting evil with his sweet cuddly fluffy tail and dark slender paws. Evil is no match for Fox Man and his cunning and crafty yet cute delightful ways.

Some kids get all the luck!