I must commend the band The Foo Fighters.  They are definitely a band for the people. They took their tour to the people literally by playing in fans garages.  It was a contest. Fans had to write in why the Foo Fighters should play their garage.  So after the band has performed at some of the larger venues in the world they then played 8 garages in 8 American cities this past spring.  The band just released a 40 minute documentary of the bands tour of fans garages - very cool.  Watch it now.   We know that the Foo Fighters new album "Wasting Light' was recorded in Dave Grohl's garage, so it only makes sense that when the Foo Fighters tour in support of the album they would play in fan's garages. 8 fans in 8 American cities had the band turned their ordinary or extraordinary garages into a concert venues.

Now watch the 40 minute documentary of the Garage Tour.

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