Sometimes inspiration can be found the oddest of places.  In the case of Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters, they have found inspiration for their latest album from Swedish disco superstars ABBA. 

Back in the summer of 2010 I was reading an article about Dave Grohl, lead singer of the Foo Fighters.  In that article he talked about how the new Foo album would be one of the hardest ones that they had ever put out.  So in a more recent interview with London's  Daily Star Grohl started talking about some of the inspirations for writing the new album.

Looking back at the stuff Grohl had said about this album being heavy, and if you have heard the song 'White Limo' you know it is, I thought to myself well he must of been listening to some Motorhead, maybe some Sabbath or old school Metallica and Slayer.  While he may have been drawing inspirations from all of the above he also said that they draw a lot of their inspiration for song writing from bands like ABBA and the Bee Gee's.

I like loads of crazy-ass, dissonant, distorted rock 'n' roll. But I also love the Bee Gees and ABBA, bands whose pop choruses get bigger and bigger.

-Dave Grohl

I totally get where Grohl is coming from.  I love the heavy stuff but I also enjoy some pop music too.  I think it is very important to have an eclectic taste in music.  When you limit yourself to just one particular genre you are missing out on so much!  So take a lesson from Dave Grohl and expand your horizons.  The new album from the Foo's is out in stores on April 12, but you can hear the album streaming here.  Foo Fighters are also scheduled to perform on Saturday Night Live this week as well.