Do you have respiratory symptoms, a rash, or diarrhea? Then you have the flu because you did not get the flu shot, Albany Medical Center Infection Preventionist Megan Helmecke said "Once you get it, you'll never miss a flu shot again." But is that a challenge?

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Can you survive the Flu?

That is the challenge Megan Helmecke may or may not be setting for the Capital Region because only floppy noodles can't handle the flu and kids, senior citizens and people with preexisting medical conditions and probably woman who are pregnant, but only the soft ones.

I can handle the flu, it's not because I have an issue with getting shots, I can't help it that when I get a shot my imagination runs wild and I create a visualization in my head of the needle penetrating my flesh and inserting an alien liquid into my veins, then I see black spots and pass out.

Dave does not need a flu shot, he told me that flu shots are really micro tracking devices so that the aliens hiding behind the moon can find you.

I knew that! That is the other reason why I don't need a flu shot.

I am not worried about the flu, I am not worried about respiratory symptoms because I smoke cigarettes and I am not worried about a little rash or some diarrhea, ironically I would be worried if my diarrhea had a rash.

So Megan Helmecke if that is your real name, bring on the flu, I am grade A human beef and I am not going to wish I got your silly little flu shot if I get the flu because just like I tell my wife every time she tells me I need a flu shot, I am invincible!

Now who is with me? Are you a floppy noodle or Grade A Human Beef!

In fact, lets up the ante! Who can get the flu the worst? and still go to work?

In Conclusion: I hope that no one takes me seriously about this, or the aliens hiding behind the moon will find out that I am on to them.