It's brutally cold and miserable and, well, yet another New York winter.  Really, it's freezing but it's not that out of the ordinary is it? I feel like we've been "blessed" with some warmer winters of late, but I do remember growing up in some really cold, really brutal, really long winters.  And I'm pretty sure as New Yorkers, we can all relate on a few of the struggles:

  • 1

    Rogue Snow Piles

    Cold, wintery weather means snow.  And snow means roads that need plowing.  As well as driveways.  Which then turns in to driving on a plowed road and all of a sudden hitting a rogue pile of snow that was plowed FROM a driveway INTO the road. What is that!... It's a lesson to always be prepared behind the wheel is what it is.

  • 2


    Nosicles.  You know. Icicles from your nose.  Or inside your nose, that then freeze together when you breathe in through your nose and your nostrils so awfully get stuck together.  And then you can't breathe through your nose for a minute until the nosicles melt and your nostrils go back to normal.  Thanks a lot cold weather.

  • 3

    Salt Fashion

    Why even choose what to wear in the morning when it all gets covered in salt from your car anyway.  Black pants to match that work blouse? Not for about a nice big patch of salt right on your thigh to add a pattern

  • 4

    The Car Dance

    The 'Car Dance' that all New Yorkers have come to know at one point or another is not actually a dance.  It just looks like one.  It's all of that action to stay warm in your car until the heat kicks in.   That five minutes of you jumping up and down in your seat to stay warm because it's so damn cold in your car.  Add a couple hand moves because it's too cold to hold your steering wheel for more than a few seconds at a time until the car warms up.

  • 5

    Frozen Pipes

    I have yet to go one winter without hearing a story about how someone's pipes froze.  Welcome to New York!