If you partied too hard for St. Patrick's Day, a bachelor party, or just a night out with your bros, you might be feeling it the next day. Lucky for you we drink too - and we are always seeking the best hangover cures, so we thought we'd share. Feel better!

  • Blowfish

    I've never personally tried Blowfish but I have some friends who have and swear by it. You have to drink a lot of water with it, which makes me suspect the rapid rehydration is what cures the hangover, not the tablets. Or maybe the tablets do work. When you have a hangover, anything is worth a try.

  • Ulster Fry

    Perhaps if you've tried many cures and they haven't worked, you're looking in the wrong place. We got all stereotypical and sought out an Irish cure and found one! The Ulster Fry is bacon, two kinds of pork sausage,  blood pudding, eggs, potato bread, plus Irish Soda bread - all fried in bacon fat. We're not excited about anything called blood pudding, oh and also this sounds like it'd give you a heart attack which would in fact cure your hangover!

    andré.luís, flickr
  • The Every Other Method

    This one we can swear by because it's the one we use most often. While you're out drinking, have a glass of water in between drinks. The next morning you should have a Monster Rehab (we prefer Ice tea and lemonade) and two Excedrin. In 20 mins you'll go from saying "I'm never going to drink again" again to "maybe only a few drinks tonight".

    eleanor ryan, flickr
  • Hair of the Dog

    The old standby - hair of the dog. Yep - just start drinking where you left off. If you don't like Bloody Mary's, there are always mimosas. The problem with this technique is that eventually you need to stop, and then what do you do then? Oh life, you're so cruel!

    williac, flickr
  • Sex!

    Not that we ever need an excuse to have sex, but science says that exercise can help with a hangover and in our book we'll count sex as exercise. At the very least it's more fun than suffering with the hangover, right?

    chadawg24, flickr