Fist Bumping. Many people use it as a form of greeting, celebration, etc. For germ-a-phobic, it's the best greeting over a handshake and it's not just because of their "crazy" fear of germs either.

According to a study done by Dr Tom McClellan, fist bumping can actually reduce the spread of germs. McClellan and his team measured the bacteria levels transmitted with a handshake vs. fist bump. The test was conducted with people who had clean hands to start, then the team measured the amount of bacteria found on their hands after doing both greetings.

Handshakes expose the skin to three times more germs that a fist bump. The skin during a handshake is in contact 2.7 times longer.

We surmise that the fist bump is an effective alternative to the handshake in the hospital setting,' McClellan wrote in the journal.

[Fist bumping] may lead to decreased transmission of bacteria and improved health and safety of patients and healthcare workers alike - Dr Tom McClellan

So I'm not crazy for always fist bumping instead of handshaking even if people look at me strangely.

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